D.C. Everest Area School District 2014-2019 Board Goals
Early Literacy: On Target by Third Grade 
95% of DCE third graders will read at or above grade level.
College and Career Readiness: Academic Success
90% of DCE graduates will successfully complete an Advanced Placement, Transcripted, or Dual Enrollment credit class.
DCE students will rank within the top 10% in the State of Wisconsin on the ACT assessments.
Culture of Excellence: A Positive Place to Learn and Work
D.C. Everest School District will strive to meet the individual needs of students by engaging them in innovative classes and experiences, co-curriculars, clubs, and positive relationships.
D.C. Everest School District will strive to be high-performing school district whose employees feel valued.

Innovation: To Promote and Support Innovation in All Aspects of District Operations
D.C. Everest School District will generate engaging, relevant, innovative, and personalized learning experiences for all student with the support of state-of-the-art technology that leads to increased student achievement.

D.C. Everest School District will manage its financial resources for employee and operational expenses to best meet the mission and goals of the district.