• The D.C. Everest Area Education Foundation serve children and the community using tax-deductible donations to fund unique an innovative educatinoal programs. Donations, in any amount, are greatly appreciated.

    Send contributions to:
    D.C. Everest Area Education Foundation, Inc.
    6300 Alderson Street
    Schofield, WI 54476

    • A new law makes it possible to give individual retirement account (IRA) assets to charity during 2006 and 2007, with no federal income tax liability.
    • If you are over 70-1/2 and now receive minimum IRA distributions, but do not need the extra income, you and your spouse can each transfer up to $100,00 to charity.

    Help us invest in our children’s future by helping the Foundation fund projects that inspire teachers and students to achieve excellence. Please remember us in your estate planning. Additional information may be requested through e-mail from Aaron Nelson at D.C. Everest Area Schools.

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