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YEA! Investor Panel Results

The Investor Panel proved to be a great experience for all of our young entrepreneurs and all of the community business leaders involved!

Congratulations to the following students and their student-businesses:

Confiant - Danica Groth
Dylan's Designs - Dylan Rainville
Encore Decor - Aaliyah Edons
Ender Electronics - John Zywicki
LizardBeth - Shea Johnson
Misfit Longboards - Payton Buchkowski, Noah Schartz
Sam's Landscaping - Sam Reede
Silverlink Technologies - John Belton
Students & Seniors - Omoloa Onitilo
Tip 'n Toss Yark Games - Roman Maguire

Investor Panel Program - The program contains all of our student's business logos and an ad for each of our sponsors that contributed time and money to our event. Without our event sponsors our students would not have any of the star-up money listed below. Many of the sponsors have offered to mentor our young entrepreneurs beyond the start-up phase of their businesses and we are excited about that opportunity for students as well!