Art Display Boards

DCE Art Specialists Kathlyne Moore, Kendra VanSlyke, Caitlin Seeley and Crystal Bonkoski were granted funds from the DCE Education Foundation for the purchase of mobile display boards that would allow the instructors to showcase student artwork across the District. Below are their comments concerning the use of the display boards at the 2016 IMAGINE Art Show.

"The display boards were a great addition to our district Art Show allowing us to showcase a good amount of student artwork. Having our own display board before the event allowed for a more organized, higher quality show. Our students, their parents, the teachers and community members all took pride in what was shown."

"I was not able to take a count of families that attended Imagine, but there was not a break in time where the area was not filled with people! I was able to talk not only to parents, but grandparents, aunts and uncles and siblings of the students. I heard comments, "How long has this been here?"..."I had not idea this was such a big event!" This was very special to the families and our community. Having the display panels prepared ahead of time enabled us to bring additional work to tape up along with more 3-dimensional work to showcase the students efforts."

"I was able to display over 100 pieces of student art. The turnout of students and families was incredible. I had a chance to connect with many families."

"We had a very positive response to the invitations to view artwork at the Imagine show. I noticed that we had a large audience that was parents, grandparents and siblings. The display boards allowed me to show 12 times more artwork than last year."

"The display boards were great because they gave me the flexibility to display a larger quantity of work which helped me cultivate more family involvement."